Tod F. Parker has been a professional artist, musician, and craftsman for over 20 years.

On the musical side, he performs live, five nights a week in downtown Indianapolis, IN, as well as composing
 custom music in his studio for several different mediums including dance companies, video games,
tablet apps, and video production. He has self-produced two full-length CD's and is currently working on his third. 

On the woodworking side, Tod has a large workshop where he builds custom furniture, shelves,
toys, and anything else that he's asked to create. 
Unique designs usually with kids in mind, the more-creative and fun, the better.

On the artistic side, Tod has been a cartoonist/illustrator for over two decades. 
His work has been seen in multiple outlets, most notably his comic strip "Species" which
ran in the Muncie Evening Press newspaper for almost three years. 
Currently, he is often commissioned to create everything from cartoons, to custom posters,
 to large murals, specializing in childrens environment such as schools, daycares, and bedrooms.
Occasionally, when he has time, he enjoys traveling the state of Indiana visiting elementary schools and teaching cartooning to kids.

Tod lives in Indianapolis with his family where he also works as a freelance photographer and a civilian member
of the Pike Township Fire Department and a media volunteer for several other
fire departments and public safety organizations.  You can find his photography work HERE.